timothy wells


  • My summer without A/C (a work in progress)

    I'm working on blog posts.  The theme for this summer's posts mostly revolve around my experiences during my artist-in-residence at the Mayflower Arts Center in Troy, OH.

    The studio and apartment are great for my intentions to dig into doing work and getting around to doing some of the "roundtuits" that have been hovering over my creative head for a few years. This is largely due to having no access to internet (other than my phone with its limited monthly data plan) or TV. Removing those distractions from my day has really forced me to focus, versus getting lost in internet or TV things.

    I also decided that since I'm roughing it to also try to refrain from using air conditioning in the studio and apartment. This mentality has also extended to trying to minimize use of A/C as much as possible. Driving with the windows open, picking outdoor eating options over sitting inside, etc.  Hence the working title and theme for this summer's blog posts: My summer without A/C.