timothy wells


  • Finding a balance, for now. I think.

    I think I've found a balance with things. 

    The studios and apartment are part of a tour called "Second Stories Secrets". People on the tour will get to visit various apartments and spaces located on the second (and third and fourth) floors of buildings downtown. I've allowed my studios and apartment to be part of the tour, which also means I've had to put a lot of work into getting the place somewhat organized (I still want it to look like an active creative space and studio). Washing windows, floors, putting away clutter, and such. And as everyone is well aware, those things take a lot of time, a lot more than you budget.

    Luckily, I planned ahead (a bit) and been tackling some of those chores along the way versus waiting until the last minute. That means I can balance some time between cleaning and creating.

    I've been battling a "roundtuit" project for a few weeks trying to figure out what I was doing / saying and how I wanted it to look. And my self censor and editor were working overtime, preventing the roundtuit from materializing in the real world.

    I caught them off balance with all the cleaning tasks and while they were busy trying to determine if my cleaning and decluttering activities met their criteria, I snuck in some creative time in the painting studio and started working on the roundtuit. That opened the floodgates of creating and finding a balance between cleaning/decluttering and creating (which obviously has the effect of countering the cleaning/decluttering projects) but in the end, the reason I'm here is to create, not clean.

    For now, there appears to be a nice balance between cleaning/decluttering and creating, and keeping the self censor and editor at bay (or at least focused on the cleaning portion the days.)

    I'm teaching some photography workshops at the Mayflower Arts Center in the coming weeks. I dropped off the files this morning to get promotional postcards printed so I can hand them out at the this weekend's Taste of Troy and at the Second Stories Secrets tour.

    See? Even finding time in the balance for some promotional and marketing tasks.

    I even added the images from the postcard to the slideshow on the home page (sunset over Troy's Main Street and a rainbow over the town square, both photos were taken the same night and only a few minutes apart. The old adage of when looking at a beautiful sunset, turn around and see what's going on behind you paid off.)

    I've found some balance. Have you found some recently in your world?