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  • Movie Review: Zootopia

    Movie review.


    I went to go see Zootopia tonight. I didn't know what to expect and the trailer didn't make me feel like it was a movie I wanted to see.


    However after all the good reviews and word of mouth, I decided to celebrate getting a fair chunk of long term and nagging to dos off my list.


    I'm glad I did. The movie was funny, intelligent, quirky, surprising, and amazing eye candy animation. There is a lot to like and love in this movie.


    It was refreshing. After seeing at least two trailers for upcoming movies that featured fart and poop jokes for humor, the humor in Zootopia to not stoop to that level. They skirted it and pushed up against a few other boundaries, but for the most part the humor was intelligent, witty, appropriate for all ages, and clever.


    And did I mention the story was interesting, the message was nice, and there were a lot of surprises (even the ones I saw coming didn't go where I thought they were going to go?)


    Disney animation is on quite a roll with their movies over the last few years.


    I did feel a little "oh gheeze" during the closing scene thinking "this is just setting up a moment at Wonderful World of Color water spectacular at Disney California Adventure." But that's a really tiny tiny thought and one only noticed by the Disney die-hards.


    Other than having a theater full of people who don't have an attention span long enough to not have to check their phones every 5 minutes or who taught their kids it's ok to crawl over the furniture and treat the theater like a playground, it was an enjoyable adventure. And those elements of social skills evaporating are not the fault of the movie, but the movie theater and people who shouldn't be spending their money going to movies.


    Hint: There is NOT an easter egg/moment after the credits.


    Did you see this movie? What were your thoughts?