timothy wells


  • A new year. 

    A new year. 

    A website is something we all wish to keep up to date and active. I always have the intention to update photos and content. It's perpetually on my to do list. 

    A new year is a gentle reminder to move 'update the website' up toward the top, you know, to at least update the copyright year. (:

    I download 'how to blog' articles, read websites, listen to podcasts, and yet, often find myself lacking in something interesting to write about. As Julia Cameron suggests in The Artist Way  just sit down and write. And if all you write about is how you have nothing to write about, at least you're writing. Getting started often sparks ideas and thoughts.

    So, I'm writing.

    I updated the photos on the home page with some recent images posted on my instagram account (@timothywellsartandlife). I'm more active on instagram at this point than other social media sites.  

    I updated my summary who I am to better reflect who I currently see myself.

    2018 saw a lot of projects in motion, mostly in the arts adminstration and a new project. I started Proscenia Film Society as a way to increase arts education and awareness beyond the visual arts I've spent the last many years building on.

    I took a watercolor painting class.

    I continued working with alternative processes and started processing my own color film. After being told for many years that color film processing is hard and tempermental, I learned from listening to podcasts that it isn't really that hard at all. And it isn't. This new skill has complicated my photography as I now carry color and black and white film to load into my 35, 120, large format regular, lomo, and pinhole cameras.

    2019 looks to be as busy as 2018. Turning Proscenia Film Society from an idea into an actual company / nonprofit organization, continued teaching college photography classes, workshops, community art projects, making new art, and learning new artmaking skills are the top level initiatives.

    Stay tuned as it all unfolds.